LC #46 Fast click

My latest work on one of the lighting challenges... It was really challenging to get the materials right...
Thanks to BLAZELET for providing this awesome scene file...

I used Maya 2014 and vRay to shade and light this scene... Nuke and Photoshop for compositing and post processing....
Feel free to share your views.!!

Wheely Official Music Video

This is the music video we did for the movie. In this clip, I was responsible for look development.
I was also involved in Lighting and pre-compositing for few shots..

Wheely - an animation/action/comedy feature film

Hello everyone...

here is a fun little teaser trailer for our upcoming movie.

I'm responsible for shading, lighting (Maya-Arnold) and compositing (Nuke).


Candle Lit Monsoon

This rainy season inspired me to work on a scene like this....
I'm responsible for modeling, FX, texturing, shading, lighting and compositing.
Used vRay for shading and lighting and Nuke for compositing.
I used "waterDropFunctions" script to create the water droplets on window, but the default drops creation looked fake so I had to manually tweak alot....

Contact shadow in arnold for Maya

1.include shadow casting objects and recieving objects in a new render layer
2.shadow casting objects (primary visibility off) NOTE: Applying a default shader with no spec and reflection would speed up the render
3.Apply " aiAmbientOcclusion1 " to the shadow recieving objects.
4. Set the desired values to the occlusion node.
5. Select the shadow recieving object and in shape node of the mesh, scroll to arnold tab and uncheck visible in diffuse attibute.
6. if there are lot of shadow recieving objects in your scene use the mel script to do the job.

//Render Stats set English&ÖÐÎÄ//////////////////////////////////////////////// // write by wangqiang , email: 2015.4.03 // //modify:2015.4.03
global proc HelpWindow_CH() { if(`window -ex HelpWindow`) deleteUI HelpWindow;
window -t "Help" -maximizeButton false -minimizeButton true -sizeable false -resizeToFitChildren false -menuBar false -menuBarVisible false HelpWindow; columnLayout -adj 1;

scrollLayout -horiz…