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Compilation of the projects I was a part of.

*Riders of the berk ( Dreamworks TV series)

Riders of the berk was the first project I ever worked on. I worked on episode 3- episode 9. I worked as a lighting artist, my role was to achieve daily quota of assigned shots along with setting up light rigs for several sequences. I also took part in training new artist who joined to work on this TV show.
We used maya mental ray for lighting, shave and haircut for hair and fur, Foundry nuke for compositing.

*Yummy gummy: Search for santa (DVD)

This is the second project I worked on. In this project my role was to to do the shot lighting and pre composite the passes to help the compositor achieve final results.

*Pourquoi j'ai pas mangé mon père (French Movie)

In this project I worked as the mid level lighting artist. Since I was involved in this project from the beginning of asset creation and look development I was responsible for training new artists to work on Renderman platform. I also took part in setting shading networks, lighting r…


WIP Images

WIP 01

This is a shot I'm working on for past few days..
My goal here is to match CG objects with live action plate.. Still need to work on surfacing..

Any feedback is most welcome.!! :)

WIP 02

This underwater shot is the one keeping me busy at home these days..
Trying to achieve believable and natural underwater look here....
All the elements created by Maya's native paint effects.
No special plug in or shaders involved.!!
There's a lot to do in this shot....
particles, debris, bubbles and lot of color correction....

The Monkey business, we called it.!! :P :D

Pourquoi j'ai pas mangé mon père (Why I Did (Not) Eat My Father)

This is a French movie I worked on. Probably the most technically challenging project that Prana Studios ever worked on.... Really challenging in terms of looks as well...
I personally love to light foliage, hair and fur... And I'm a big fan of dramatic lighting and god rays...
With this project I got a chance to fulfill most of my desires.. That was a fun project.!!
This was personally very memorable project to me after Dream works Dragons : Riders of the berk.

My role was to light the master shots keeping in mind the colors, hook ups and of course the render efficiency in mind... Most of my light set ups worked out pretty well in most of the sequences.

Here are few examples.!!