Sunday, 27 January 2013

DreamWorks Dragons: Riders of the berk..

Dreamworks Dragons : The riders of the berk.

This was my first project  that I worked in TataElxsi and my first project  of my career. What more a fresher could expect.!? Could it get any better than this.? Had an opportunity to work under most driven people I ever came across… Every single day was constant learning experience.. Everyday I used to get more and more challenging task and motivation to accomplish them. Working in such an environment led me to become more focused towards my work.
In this project I started out doing shot lighting and follow the creative guidelines. Eventually I started taking creative calls myself which later avoided more retakes. This gave me an opportunity to do master shots which would be taken as template for rest of the shots for particular environment.
Dreamworks Dragons being my first project,  always holds a special place in my heart.!!
Here are few of my favorite shots…

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